Ben Weintraub

Ben Weintraub

PhD Student, Computer Science

Northeastern University

I am a third year PhD student at Northeastern University in the Networks and Distributed Systems Security lab where I work with Professor Cristina Nita-Rotaru. My research focuses on exploring security implications of the underlying network in distributed protocols.

Before grad school, I was a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley.

When I’m not doing computer science, I enjoy reading (mostly non-fiction), playing ultimate, and backpacking as far from civilization as I can get.


  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Anonymous Communication
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Network Protocols


  • BS in Electrical Engineering, 2013

    University of Iowa


Automated Attack Synthesis by Extracting Finite State Machines from Protocol Specification Documents

ShorTor: Improving Tor Network Latency via Multi-hop Overlay Routing

Policy enforcement for search engines

Structural Attacks on Local Routing in Payment Channel Networks

Consensus-based policy management

Policy management, enforcement, and audit for data security

Integration of a Reliability Model Within a Virtual Analysis System for Printed Circuit Boards

Invited Talks

Structural Attacks on Local Routing in Payment Channel Networks

Exploiting Centrality: Attacks in Payment Channel Networks with Local Routing

How To Avoid Blockchains, and Is That Even Safe?