Ben Weintraub

Ben Weintraub
PhD Candidate, Computer Science
Ben Weintraub PhD Candidate, Computer Science Northeastern University

✉️ weintraub.b [at] northeastern [dot] edu

📍 Boston, MA

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I am a fourth year PhD student at Northeastern University in the Networks and Distributed Systems Security lab where I work with Cristina Nita-Rotaru. My research focuses on exploring security implications of the underlying network in distributed protocols.

Before grad school, I was a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley.

When I'm not doing computer science, I enjoy reading (mostly non-fiction), playing ultimate, and backpacking as far from civilization as I can get.


  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Network Protocols
  • Anonymous Communication
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks

🎓 Education

MS in Computer Science, 2023

BS in Electrical Engineering, 2013


[June 9, 2023] Our paper
MSNetViews: Geographically Distributed Management of Enterprise Network Security Policy
won runner-up for best paper at ACM SACMAT ‘23! A great effort by all my coauthors!
[January 10, 2023] My guest post on blog Public Exposure was published today! It’s about defending against frontrunning in Ethereum. Thanks to the Lari and the Public Exposure team for their fine editorial work!
[December 9, 2022] I’ve accepted an offer to intern at MIT-Lincoln Labs in the Secure Resilient Systems and Technology Group. Looking forward to the experience!
[August 17, 2022] Our paper
A Flash(bot) in the Pan: Measuring Maximal Extractable Value in Private Pools
has been accepted at ACM IMC ‘22